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as you know, success is the close friend of try,
without try, you are nothing,
when you see people around yourself maybe you think that, why these people are successful?
people divides in 2 part.
#1 - people who are successful.
#2 - people who are looking for success person that could hide or destroy their deficiency.

normally not necessary to talk about people who are exists in #1 part, but part #2 are people that achieve their goals is bound to more work and pay the money for their goals.
for example you can see people who are follow the specific teacher for learning :how to cook or how to make something or how to use .......

these people doesn't know how to learn,they need some advice to find the way and involve themselves with the problems.
if you want to change the future you should try to learn what you have talent.
and try to follow that in professional way. if you like to learn guitar or other instruments, you should find the way that you can get success. make a plane, estimate how long does it take, and most important is estimate the dead line and do it before the end.
it can helps you to get success in your works.
there are many things that could help people to getting success but its hard to explain in this entry.




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