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today I want to talk you about jazz music. I don't will tell you the classical sentence as: "jazz is my life", "I don't live without jazz" and so on. I would to talk about the human sense of this music. yes, because this music is more different than other, and according to me, it is the most particular. At the first, jazz music is the only music that permitted to anyone to play with musician all over the world! In the sense that you can start from your country, and go in a casual jam session in a casual far country, and you can make music as if you play at home with your friends! It is also to say that existing some easy rule that jazz musician must know, but theese are very simple! another cool aspect of it is that used to play jazz music create in yourself a very powerful sense of altruism, because everybody must to see and to hear the other musician which they play at the moment, and jazz work in way that in every song, everyone has a personal moment to express himself (he decided how long is his moment, called "solo"). at the last, I love jazz for his particular and sophisticated harmony. If I made a comparison between jazz and pop music as a draw art, I guess pop as a nice picture that like to most part of the people, with a beautiful frame, and positioned in a prestigious museum, but with only sixteen color, in which there is a simple and nice house with a tree, instead I guess jazz as a very poor paper, without any external embellishment, situated in a casual street, but with million of color avaiable, whereby artist create at the moment a picture rich of detail. There will not be another picture as the same!!



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