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How do you study Krorean?

How do you do it?
I making a plan how I will learn this beautiful language. I will post soon how I go about it but it will be nice if you know some cool tricks or methods that have worked for you.




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    watch 사극 and fun tv 쇼 (무한 도전 for example )

    read 만화

    Teach other people to brush up your knowledge of language and broaden its comprehension.


    The coolest trick is to fall in a deep love with a Korean person and try to learn Korean in desperate attempts to compete with Korean "rivals", haha... just kidding, don't go that way ;-P


    The easiest trick (in my very very humble opinion) is to find things you really love, adore and worship, worthy enough to spend time and efforts to learn different language and culture. For example, the only sounds of flute in Bolivian folk music makes me want to learn Spanish, haha.

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