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One thousand plans and zero action means nothing

It is nothing and meaningless no matter how many plans do you have without any actions.

Many people ask why do we learn this stuff? Is it helpful to raise our wage? One reason why we didn't take action is because we don't have a passion and motivation for it.

We don't hang on to the last minute, maybe just one minute, we will get it, but we give it up. So persistence is very importance when we make something happen.

Many people just want to enjoy themself as much as they can. Just have some fun first and do something tomorrow. That is definitely not a good habit. So don't postpone what we should do till tomorrow. Delal your entertainment time and learn stuff, after that, enjoy it.

Last but not least is to make time to finish our daily plan. Don't complain that we are too busy to learn somehting.
There is a saying, "time is like water in the sponge, you always get some when squeeze it." Let read the book for example, we can read it on a bus, in the course of watting for someone or the 5 minutes before meeting started.

Anyway, people who is diligent and persistent are easier to get the plan done and fulfill the dream.




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