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what is the meaning of παρέχει?

is male or female? and which decline has, type I, II, III?, thank you very much.



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    Παρέχει is a verb in the 3rd person singular.

    The verb in the 1st person singular is παρέχω and it means to provide.

    It is a type A1 verb (or I guess its type I according to your grammar book).

    There is no male or female question when talking about verbs..


    So it is declined like this.


    εγώ                     παρέχω - I provide

    εσύ                      παρέχεις - you provide

    αυτός,αυτή,αυτό     παρέχει - he/she/it provides

    εμείς                    παρέχουμε - we provide

    εσείς                    παρέχετε - you provide

    αυτοί,αυτές,αυτά    παρέχουν - they provide


    I hope I helped !

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