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The Holy week


Hello people of the Page!
It turns out that I'm on vacation... again. But this time is because of the Holy week. I'm catholic, so this week is suppose to be important. Or it should be quite important for me... and it is, but I don't follow the tradition as it should be. I go to the church on Holy Thursday and Friday, but I don't go to seven churches and all that religious stuff. I'm grateful for all the things that God has given to me and my family, and I have a personal communication with him. But I don't take active part in the church's activities. So, my plans for this week include:

-Spend time with my family and friends
-Study for my English certification test
-Study for my LANs test
-Sleep (not as much as I wish, but enough to be active during the day)

On another topic, I'm thinking about becoming tutor of the community... what do you think?




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