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Is It Good To Be Hard Worker Or a Smart Worker? Please Drop Your Comments On This.


It’s a big question in the corporate world or a common question going in our minds about hard work vs smart work………

Hard working is commonly known as doing work in a traditional way with some physical capacities and without planning and reaching the goal without no shortcut and proper coordination.

And opposing it There is smart working which means out of box thinking, working with proper planning, and reaching the goal with shortcuts wherever its necessary.. Its told that success has no shortcuts but if working in a proper and coordinated manner there is no point in telling that its a shortcut because if a project is there and it can be completed in four hours and you take eight hours working hard then there is no point working so hard because in corporate world there are some things which needs to be completed on time.

It is said that “hard work is key to success” and even I strongly believe that hard work brings results but take for an example a farmer who works day and night he does his all efforts with all his hard work but he doesn’t get the desired result if compared with his hard work. But if he works smartly then he can earn very well.

What I believe is Smart work & hard work go together. If you are an agent of any insurance company & you are working for customer satisfaction by giving policies & your department / office head is happy with you but you are not achieving your required targets then at the end of the time you will get your normal commission. However if you maintain your targets & satisfy customers as well then you would get a very good commission. You would have got brilliant chances of promotion if you are doing smart work including hard work. Such kind of person is noticed by his Managers & supervisors, but if a person will keep on doing hard work like a spider does to climb the wall then it will take a very long time for him to get promoted.

Smart work in an industry means your manager should notice that you are doing hard work & taking care of the entire team in the absence of your team leader.




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    I think , the best worker for bosses is the one who can find the right thing to do and do the thing right . In modern society , we are not in the age of traditional industrial revolution . Most of jobs are not labor demanding any more ,  instead we require more mindful demanding and collaborated teamwork with colleagues . Although it is true to see if you are a competent worker , you performance is also determined by local culture and atmosphere.

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