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help me with this short composition, please!

" What , sir?" The police officer Marco Zaghetto asked. The inspector looked at the policeman, passing over the question with a gesture of the hand."What has she seen?" He asked the policeman, pointing the cashier with his chin. "Nothing, sir" , Marco Zaghetto assured him. "She was under the counter when the robber shot".
" The Chinese man, has he seen anything?" Amadeus Falco indicated Mo Yan, who was seated on a chair and had a bandage around his head.
The police officer shacked his head again. "He said he fell off after the blow, he fainted and he didn't remember anything"
The inspector Amadeus Falco pursed his lips again and looked at the robbers crouched up on a small angle as two frightened dogs. They had their heads pointed to the ceiling, they watched it with their wide-eyed eyes and repeated the word 'mama, mama' as a parrot.




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