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Maganda Umaga

Maganda Umaga Lahat Ng Tao!!! Magkaroon Ng Isang Magandang Araw! :)




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    Magandang Umaga

    Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat!!! Magkaroon Ng Isang Magandang Araw! :)


    We don't say "Have a nice day!" in Tagalog, thus, we don't have direct translation for that phrase. However, if you want to wish somebody a nice day, just say "Sana'y maging maganda ang araw mo." which literarally means: "May you have a nice day." But really, it's too mouthful. So my advice just say "Magandang umaga/araw sa inyong lahat!" - that's already understable that you're wishing somebody a nice morning or day.

    Phew! That's a little lengthy but hope I helped you. :)

    Magandang umaga rin sa 'yo.

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