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All you need is love

Well, I used to believe that you can be really happy with out a partner, and all you have to do is only focus on your career and studies but then I met that guy in an English class. The teacher asked a really difficult question and only two raised their hands to answer it, me and a really handsome guy with long hair and dark wide eyes, "this is the guy of my dreams"- me to me self. the moment he answered the question everything changed, the way I think and the the way I act! I went home thinking about how charming he was and how smart actually, he is such a hot nerd !!
Two weeks passed without seeing him, unfortunately he wasn't at my school but the destiny brought us together again. In my way to the physics class with one of my best friend, I saw him saying hi to here, she introduced us to each other, he gave me that lovely look ! I was like "Hey buddy I have a crazy crush on you" Ahaha, Anyway he joined us and decided to move to our class. We turned to be really good friends, we shared a really good moments together, we had the same opinions about everything, we had the same taste in music even food we used to love same things and we used to take our frap together with some other friends at Starbucks.
He was in a relationship already with a younger girl from his school, I hated her without even seeing her, evil right ?! Anyway that couldn't stop me from loving him, actually I did my best no to show him my feelings but he couldn't I swear he has same feelings for me, he was trying to hide them but he couldn't, it was so OBVIOUS .
After graduating from high school we met only a couple of times then each one of us joined different uni.
I really miss these days when I was in love as all you need to move on with your life is LOVE !!
Have a nice day every one :))




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