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Quote Translation test.

So my friend gave me the task of translating this quote into japanese..

"Everything beneath the sun and stars owes its very existence to the balance"

now i don't know where she got it from but its soooo hard to translate -_-

i know the words individually but not sure at all on sentence structure.

taiyou to hoshi zenbi no shita kaitsu totumo jinsei bararisu desu

たいよう と ほし ぜんぶ の した かいて とても じせい バラルス です

something.. i dont know. its probably completly wrong. i tried using my oxford japanese dictionary but yea i need more practice...

help please. onegai !




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    It is difficult to tlanslate abstract  writings.

    (direct translation)


    たいよう と ほし の した に ある すべてのものは その そんざい を ちょうわ に 負っている

    (free translation)


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