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Finally I go into a small vacation next week

My parents invited me to drive with them to northern Bavaria in the south of Germany next week. So don't be surprised I cannot be online from 1st to 4th april. On 5th april we will already drive back and I can get back online to check my messages.

I would like to tell you where I will be going exactly but you know internet is a dangerous place so I won't. But I will make a report when I'm back. Luckily I have got the permission of the jobcenter due to the fact I'm still workless. But it is eastern anyway there will not happen much. I can't await it. Although we will just have 3 full days to spend there I hope we can see very much. We will spend much time by rambling through the woods. I do not know exactly what else my parents want to do. My mother said there are a lot of castle ruins, caves and much nature.

My last vacation was also with them october 2011 in the western Harz mountains inside the center of Germany. I was also freshly workless there. You know I really dream of travelling by my own but as I worked for Air China I never had the time and as I worked in temporary employment I never had the time or the money. It is very cruel for me. You know I'm not often proud of my country. But what makes me really proud is our great nature. I heard that Germany has even the highest number of natural safety reservouirs in Europe. I really love Germany's countryside. No humans, no loud noises, no dirt and no capitalistic stress. I told myself to never leave Berlin as long as I have to be in Germany although I would love to have a job in the countryside. But as everywhere too you only can find a job in a big dirty city like Berlin and even here it is very hard.

I plan to write many notebook entries of what I saw and try to describe points of interest. I wish to have some kind of a diashow function here where collections of pictures can be shown instead of just one picture because I know I will shoot so much. I will try to shoot pictures of the countryside, ruins, animals and whatever we might come across. I cannot guarantee what pictures I can shoot because I don't know what we will encounter. I'm a big fan of old mines, caves, churches as well as castle ruins.

At least these will be a few days of forgetting all problems I have. I hope one day I can afford a travel and be longer there than just a few days and without my parents. Then I can decide where to go. This is freedom for sure.

Thank you Jahwe for creating this nature to give me a taste of paradise.




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