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#2. Learning new words by writing a little story

New words: relinquish, dreary, composedly, reproachful, soothingly, protrude, permeate, dodgy, slight, fluke.

"What is fluke!" exclaimed a boy with protruded eyes and picked up a wallet from the road. An old woman mumbled something in reproachful tone when she was walking past him. Her words were permeated with hatred. The boy composedly slighted her remark but the woman stopped and looked over.

Our lucky boy realized she didn't want to relinquish and he was right.The old woman absolutely went toward him. So he had no choice as to turn to dodgy alley and quicken his pace. In his surprise the woman didn't relinquish the hope to catch him up. After sometimes she gave up but she looked really dreary about failed chase.

The boy took a breath and went slower, his godsend soothingly was dangling in his pocket.



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