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Why did I re-learn French just for the sake of it?

French is one of the common spoken languages to English, Spanish, Mandarin and it is very important for me to learn French in a bilingual country I reside in: Canada. I live in an English-speaking province called Ontario and it was required for me and the people living there to learn French for communication purposes. French was difficult and overwhelming for me to learn as I was already dealing with learning a complex language like English. Because of that I found French difficult and overwhelming for me to learn. The first time I was learning the French language, I really never understood why does a language like French existed in the first place. Don't get me wrong but what I am trying to say is that French looked really similar to English in writing. However that time I was immature and entirely mistaken about the English language. Due to my lack of motivation to learn French, I just sit back all day in class and silently ask myself what is the significance of us learning French. Well, it's not entirely my fault that I didn't have the motivation to learn the French language but also my teachers back in elementary school teach in such a way that doesn't motivate or inspire anybody. When I was going through my hard times in Grade 8, I decided to not take a French course in Grade 9. However, when I started Grade 10, I was inspired to learn how to speak my parents' mother tongue fluently by improving my Bengali pronunciation of words beforehand. After I spent time improving my Bengali, I decided to re-learn French. The main reason was because I found out that learning languages can be fun. I then started learning French phrases and vocabulary just to develop my French speaking skills. Afterwards I then moved on to the alphabet and started practicing how to making French sounds properly. Unknowingly, I mispronounced French phrases and spoke them with an English accent. Then in Grade 11, a guy from Quebec showed up. He speaks French quite fluently since he lived there for a couple of years and he offered to correct my French pronunciation. If it wasn't because of hit, I would've have spoken French with an English accent whenever I try to speak it. So far, I expanded my French vocabulary and now I'm improving my French listening comprehension. Previously, the only reason I wasn't that motivated to learn French is because I had to take it for a credit and thought of it as a hassle. However, I was wrong the whole time. In fact, I regret not taking French.




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