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don't be angry part 1

It was raining heavily yesterday afternoon and it didn’t stop at five o’clock, it was time for me went to the food market for purchasing some vegetable and meat.

At the moment my girl went off work it was still raining, so I suggested we eat fried noodles instead of rice. She said it was ok with me. And we planned to go the market together if the rain stop after we finish dinner, we loves share every moment we could.

I prepared the noodles. We have always purchase more in case we don’t have time to cook rice. First I soaked the noodle in the bowl (a big one), the noodle should be kept soaking in the water for at least 15 minute. Then I washed two scallions and placed them on the chopping board, chopped them into small piece. About 15 minute later, I Scooped up the noodle with a colander in order to drain and dry the noodle.

Everything was half done! Then I started the Electromagnetic furnace and placed the wok on it, while the wok was heat enough, I poured some edible oil into the central then put the chopped scallions into wok , at the same time cracked two eggs into the wok. Then stir-frying until the eggs were cooked. Then I add some salt into the egg, stirred for a second. At last, I poured the noodle that I prepared before, keep on stir-frying until the noodle was totally heated.

My girl loved my fried noodle extremely. She and I ate all of it.




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