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don't be angry part 2

It was about 7:30 after we finished our dinner, then we were about to go to the market.

She grabbed the key and she told me about it as usual, while she was out of our apartment, I headed for the door then shut the door without hesitated. I asked her to give me the key in order to lock the door. But she shrieked that she tool the wrong key. For I had already shut the door, It was impossible to open it. At the point I exploded, I was angry that she got the wrong key. it reminded me of those situation that she forgot take the key with her while she went out. I had always thought of myself of a careful man, for I never did things like that.

And the angry expression just wrote on my face. The I was complaining of her as we walked down the stair. What’s the worst was that I even scolded her with some harsh words. She had heard enough, At that time my girl got angry too. She had reached her limits, she also explored, but she chose to ignore me.

I knew that I hurt her badly. So I tried to beg for her forgiveness. Every time I would do this in order to break the unhappy predicament.

At last we were back to as we do before.

When we got back, I went to the landlady’s and asked her to offer me the backup key.

After all these, I had been thinking about should I be angry. I suppose it shouldn’t. Since it was not a real big deal. Take the wrong key, so what, will the sky fall down, will you die immediately? No, it just takes you a little bit more time to solve it. I know that the landlady got the backup key, even she didn’t, we could ask some one who have the ability to unlock the door, even the worst, we don’t have backup key and can’t find someone to unlock it, and then can’t we just kick or break the door. But this won’t happen, because it isn’t that bad.

I feel guilty after that, for I am quite easy to be angry, not matter how small event it is. This would be a disaster for me. You’ll always hurt someone while you are mad. You feel anger and then you scold and argue, all these won’t help. Anger would only break your relationship, it is helpless. So why not think positively and try to find the solution instead of argument.




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