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Shanghai calling

The difference between “Shanghai calling” and the movies about Shanghai previously is that “Shanghai calling” is focusing on the foreigners who lives in China. The movie expects to show different style of today’s Shanghai under the witness from those foreigners, and make Chinese know the life of the foreigners living in Shanghai simultaneously.
In the movie, the protagonist, Sam, is handsome, young and promising. He is an ethnic Chinese, but has an American sense of value, and can’t even say any Chinese. After he came to Shanghai because of the work, he suffered from the difficulty which results from the cultural diversity, he had to experience a hard time of adapting to the new environment. All above is the point of this movie.
The background of the director, Xia Wei, contributes to the interesting of the movie. Xia is a Chinese American, he is just like Sam who does not know much about China and can’t speak Chinese, therefore, he can understand exactly what is foreigner living in China like.
From the movie, I guess that Xia likes Shanghai very much, because Shanghai is pretty beautiful in the movie. He focuses on the Bund, the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai lane ( nong tang ), Chinese food, taxi driver, the girl in Shanghai, he put as much as native elements into his movie. So, Shanghai is not a imaginary business center, but a real hometown.
In addition, as far as I’m concerned, the taste of Xia is kind of Americanized, if the director of China direct this movie, he may arrange Sam falls in love with Fangfang(at least a Chinese woman). Without denial, this is the difference of culture.
To conclude, for these people who live in the intense crash of culture, the most important thing of life is still happiness. Where you live, what kind of job you do, who you marry, all above is important, but is not as important as happiness.




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