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Ordinary person

There are many famous stars throughout the world.may they are ingenious politician, smart businessmen, handsome or beautiful star,both EQ and IQ are inserted in their bodies and minds.Even though this kind of people is rare as much as diamond.they do exsist and make us admire .
You are now achieve success and win recognition or still unknown to the public?
I don't know you,but i know i still fall into the one of ordinary person.Every day i just get up ,﹑wash﹑eat﹑study﹑play.sleep and then repeat these things day after day.not everyone have the capacity of doing great events for himself or his nation even the whole world.not everyone have the ambition of leting all the people cheer him up.
I am nobody,but i like the role as small figure.i dont worry the fault i did beacuse it never lead to a disaster esp to others.i enjoy the sunshine ﹑the rivers﹑ the mountains remain free.and seldom have pressure.i can spend more time to care my own body ,cherish my parents,have fun with my sweetheart or friends.
I am a slow walker,but i like this , slow wont make me perfect ,but i still love it forever,i can listen to the sound from every tree, every animal, every look, every drop of tears carefully!
Don't alawys on earth, don't get busy embroidery ,Happiness is the starting point, it also is the end




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