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Introducing myself in Japanese~


Yay~ my first notebook entry~
So today I had my first trial lesson, it was a lot of fun! Pronouncing can be kind of difficult, since I sort of raise my tone near the end of a sentence, making them sound like questions. I found myself waking up and humming those sentences to myself this morning, so decided to make this notebook entry.

The first thing I memorized was that sensei told me that you can omit the constant repeating of 'watashi wa' because we already know the subject is me.

There is also the tricky bit where the particle for 'Wa' looks like 'Ha' but luckily I'm no longer being fooled by that so far~ ^^

Let's see~ Also! there isn't an 'rt' vowel for my name, so Bart could translate to Baruto but that sounds too much like Naruto >_< so I was happy sensei used Baato instead

one of the greatest obstacles this lesson for me was pronouncing certain things.

when I tried to say berugi-jin the Gi sounded like He, so I need to keep practicing on that~

The next sentence was a bit different from what we learned in the way that I replaced the word student with 'volunteer at a elementary school' I read stories to children and such. Funny fact, it's cause of that they often compare my name Bart to Bard, just don't make me sing~

oh! the last bit yoroshikuonegaishimasu~ it's a bit of a long word, so I'm still struggling with pronouncing it~

I also learned some other fun things. But those shall be for another entry~





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