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HI ,everybody ! I am so happy today , haha ,Today I got a Good job what I what to do . I have been exciting for that , I can;t believe 我得到我一直想做的工作。That is a big challenge for me . At the sametime I appreciate the new company provide a good job for me . I feel pressured . The job I am not good at it , example garment and trade , English in poor ---, If I can spend my probation that can become formal staff.
I never give up , more work harding .and I still keep learning English . I believe in I can




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    Good News

    Hi, everybody! I am so happy! Today I got a job that I was hoping for, and I am really excited about it. I can't believe I got a job doing what I want to do! This will be a big challenge for me, but at the same time I appreciate that the new company is offering me this opportunity. I feel under a lot of pressure. The job is in the garment industry, and I am not experienced at it yet. My English level is also still at the beginner level. However, if I can get through my probationary period successfully, then I can become a full member of the staff.

    I will try my best and work hard, and I will also keep learning English . I believe I can do it.



    (I think so, too. Congratulation!)

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