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Due Attention Should Be Given to Internet Safety?


Nowadays, as the widespread use of the internet, a lot of problems related to internet safety has come up. A large number of internet users's interests and privacy has been greatly violated and threatened. There are many reasons accounting for this phenomenon.
First of all, I think it is due to the shabby management in the internet safety. Many private information can be easily exposed online and seen by anyone if there's no proper setting in your blog. Also, the technique of hacker has been improving all the time. Some people excelling in this skill can unblock all the blocked sites, personally I unblocked all the blocked sites in China too. Moreover, the lack of law awareness is also a significant reason. Many people will use others' photo to promote some products or blacken them, which is not known by the owner in many cases. That can hurt one's dignity to be honest.
To improve internet security, I believe as individuals, we should not post too private article or photo in our blog. Besides, set some private information not seen by strangers. Last but not least, don't randomly copy other's blog or private photos for any kind of use before you have the owner's permission.



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