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Bond with my brother and six pack challenge. (part 1)

I and my brother have a very good relationship now. Its like typical relationship between brothers. But it wasn't like this before. When we were kids, our cousin used to ask us to fight each other. I remember once I started fighting with my brother and I received a flying kick from him and next thing I remember was that mom was holding my head with napkin and my face was covered with blood. I never won a fight from him. But this isn't true!

I never tried to win from him. Once we were having a WWE fight, I punched him in the face and he left the house saying “He will not come back”. We searched him all day and at evening we found him at railway station. Lolx. Since then I never tried to beat him.

Once we were playing cricket (just two of us) inside home. I cheated and he started fighting me. It was a usual fight but it got serious. I remember he was punching me and I was just trying to defend. When he was not able to hurt me he got mad at me. We almost quit talking each other after that.

This went on for about 2 years. We used to talk but it was not like before. I felt bad at that time and I wanted to hug him and wanted to tell him how much I care and love him. But never did. I am like this. A very shy person to reveal my emotions.

I am not good at being boyfriend but I’m good at being that guy that you find yourself spend more and more time until you meet somebody special. Let me say “lol”. Its safe to say that “I’m a good time pass friend”. I don’t reveal my emotions. Anyhow let’s get back to topic.

Note: A latest picture of my brother. He is now an officer in army.
Note: Next part is very interesting, must read.

Thanks for tolerating me.




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