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1.introduce myself my name is cici,I am a girl.I am from china,27 years old,I have working in foreign trad company for 4 years,my job is customer service and sales assistant.
My hobbies are swimming ,running and cooking.
My contact phone is xxxxxxx
I am kindly and friendly,I like to make more new friends. and house my house is located in the center of shatin town(DG city),the place is very busy ,there are two big supermarkets,many stores and restaurants in here,it is spend 5 minutes go to the hospital and station,plice station by car,and schools also very near here,about 100 metes it is convenience for us to live.

3.leisure and recreation there is a park opposite my house,a lot of people go there for a walk after supper in the evening,many children flied the kite,and old people played taiji for exercise,they felt the leisure place was addition,thare are many hotels and bars here,we can go to sing and dance,massage,hairdressing and beauty,these entertrainment is enrich our life.

4.Spare time of myself I will read some books of English ,make a mask ,have a drink with my friend,go to the museum,see the animals in the zoo,see the fish in the ocean park.

5.Ideal lover honest and reliable,sense of humor, family-oriented,caring,conscientious,aggressive and wants to learn,,respecting one's elders,Love science,spirit of innovation,pioneering

my english is very bad,hope someone help me to correct,thanks!




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    Basic Information:

    1. Introduction: My name is Cici, I am a 27 year old female from China. I have been working for a foreign trading company for 4 years. My title is customer service and sales assistant.

    My hobbies are swimming, running and cooking.
    My phone number is xxxxxxx
    I am kind and friendly and I would like to make some more new friends.

    2. Home and Family: My house is located in the center of Sha Tin town (DG city), the area is very busy, there are two big supermarkets, many stores and restaurants here, It takes about 5 minutes  to go to the hospital and police station by car, and the schools also very close by, about 100 meters away, so it is convenient for us to live here.

    3. Leisure and Recreation: There is a park opposite my house, a lot of people go there to take a walk after supper in the evening. Many children like to fly kites, and the elderly people practice Tai Ji Quan for exercise. In addition, there are many hotels, bars and salons here. We can go to these places to sing, dance, get a massage, and get our hairstyles done. 

    4. What I do on my spare time: I like to read English novels, (don't know what you are saying: make a mask?), have drinks with my friend, visit the museum, the zoo, and the aquarium.

    5. Ideal lover: honest and reliable, has a sense of humor, family-oriented,caring,conscientious,(I would not use aggressive, maybe ambitious, daring, or willing to take risks) and wants to learn, respectful of one's eldersloves science,the spirit of innovation and pioneering

    My English is not great, I hope someone can help me correct this, thanks!

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