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A Small City

As says,east or west, home is best.It is true.For me,no matter where i go away,home is always lies in the bottom of my heart.No matter how far away i left home,i want to say,i love my hometown,the place where i born in and grown up.
Now,i left home to a strange place alone. In the begining,I have to say,I found it difficult for me to adapt this mew city well.Every thing for me is difficult,I can hardly adapt the weather here,well,you konw,the weather here are quiet different from my hometown.My hometown,a small city lies in the south of China,has a comfortable climate and beautiful scenery.While in Xi'an, the climate here is hard,the summer is very hot than my hometown and there are full of wild wind in winter.As for food,I think it is quiet different too.Rice is the main food for southern people,while in Xi'an,noodles must be the main food on people's table.
There are so many differents between my hometown and Xi'an,so it was really troubled me at begining.But now,after a long time lived in this beautiful city,I find that now i can adapt myself to Xi'an well,at least better than before.Although I miss my hometown still.




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