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i don't know

Now, i feel sleepy,but i don't want to go to dormitory, because i don't know how to face the people in the dormitory, i don't know what will happen in the afterdays, i don't know how to choose ,i really want to everyone love eathother, but i don't know how to persuade. i don't know who is right, who is wrong, and i don't know what should i do.
Everyday expect sleep time,only two hours alive in dormitory, but ,feel can not breath, i don't know how to talk with each other, if i talk with A, then B feel bad, if i never talk with A, then we are friends before, i really really don't know, and i try my best to make A and B be friendly with each other, but , they all don't want to, i know maybe there are some wrong with B, but now she is the only friends study with me everyday, and i really want to tell her maybe she need some change, but i know, she can not accept any advice, if i say somthing, she would be more angry, when i think about it, i really want to cry. those days are too tired.i really don't know how to face it.if C,D,E are friendly to B, then it can be better, but, C and D try to do anything make Aand B fighting, what should i do.A is my friend, B is my friend, now i am stand at B, then i can not talk with A, and A don't want to talk with me , but if i stand with A, then B will alone, ACDEme stand a same line, i can not do that, although there are really something is B wrong, but she is good to me, i can not leave her alone, at the same time i lost A and E, they are my best friends before, i really want to cry, i don't know why they fight, why i can not make them good. when i back to dormitory, silent , silent, silent, silent,silent......
College time should be the best time in my life, but now, maybe it can goes quickly, because i really don't want to face so much trouble, before they fight with each other, i just want to time stay at here, don't go, but, why everthing changed, 3 mothes later, we will go out of school, good things or bad things?
maybe they are both not good friends for me, they know how bad feeling i am, they know i don't know what should i do, but they still fight with each other, B don't want to me talk with A, and A never talk with me, E doing nothing for this, maybe E do't know what should she do, ok, time can take away everthing, but when i know i will back to dormitory 1 hour later, i almost feel died, god, help me, stop them fight, plz, i really really tired. i hate silent. how to escape?




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