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Are parents the best teachers?


Today I want to talk about an interesting topic: Are parents the best teachers? I think different people can have different views on this issue. Personally I believe it should be discussed in depth. Feel free to share your idea with me under my article.
First of all, I maintain the view that not all parents are the best teachers. Let's forget the role they're playing in my topic for a minute, initially, they're two adults, one man and a woman. As long as they are not saints, they could make mistakes in their thought or manner. And the kids live with the parents every day, they'll get influenced directly more or less. If their parents' deed is wrong, that can misguide their kids in many aspects. I remember Aristotle once said: " I love my teacher(Plato), but I love truth better. " To Aristotle, Plato is like a father to some extent, however, after he had argued with Plato on their philosophy point, he left Academy finally, all just want to find the truth. It is the same to the relationship between parents and kids, even wise man like Plato could make mistakes, let alone the common men? In some cases, the parents' wisdom and insight are far worse than their kids, this is very obvious in many figures' stories, like Darwin, Bruce Lee, Bill Gates, etc.
From my point of view, each person should live independently and has his or her conviction. As people who have good morality and deed are always the minority, so I believe only a few kids can get the positive effect from their parents. Some short-sighted parents can ruin their kids' talent, a typical example in Chinese culture is the story of Zhong yong.
As far as I'm concerned, good books are the best teachers, not the parents. You can talk with great soul in many celebrities' biography, personally I've read the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington. I do argue that one can gain more benefit in these good books than their parents or teachers. I totally identify with this idea.




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