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Deep breath. Ok my site is ready!


Hi everyone!

After many months of learning how to code css and html, some PHP, learning how to use Wordpress, create a subdomain and point DNS servers; fight with "Webmoney" (to take weeks to achieve what Paypal did in about 1 minute), design the site, do the artwork, think of the structure, code everything by hand, and a million other things................................I can finally, and proudly give you my website!

English with Craig (and Mitten).

I hope that you enjoy it, find it very helpful, and that you'll like to leave some comments, or ask questions.

Please help me to spread the word: I have A LOT of great things to come; cooking videos, pronunciation videos, text explanations, audio recordings of my speech, photographs, many many things, and not just about English.
(But English will of course always be used).

I have to give thanks to Jura, who has championed me from the moment I came to italki, and whose idea it was for me to make a website; she really gave birth to the idea of combining all of my passions and skills.

In the near future, I'll be adding cooking videos such as, how to make a delicious pork tagine, how to make beautiful vegetable soup, making stock, quick but cheap and delicious meals.

Also important pronunciation videos, helping people to pronounce the most difficult sounds.

There already is an abundance of slang, dialect, humour, and about 230 idiom explanations.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you:




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    Updated almost every day.


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