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Feeling Great♪♪

Life is often said to be all about learning to find new capacity and infinite creativity in ourselves, especially when in the face of a challenge which we seems "impossible to handle."

For the above "learning," I have had to spend sleepless night over the past several years. Amazingly (yet naturally, perhaps?) even during this "challenging" period of life, I have found some easier moments to breathe and laugh.

Yesterday, I made had a new contract of my life insurance, recommended by a bank clerk who mentioned our new interest and taxation policy by our new government (,which BTW the world will not notice, unlike Obama's second term, ours changing too frequently!). On the way home from the bank, I found myself walking like a ballet dancer, incredibly light-hearted. Following night I slept perhaps the 2nd best in my life!
(Boy, I felt GOOD in the morning!)

I wondered why. Was that because, I felt I was building up good relationship with this bank clerk? Or because, even though there could be some 10% loss of my deposited money if Aflac should do something, basically a large chunk of my savings will be in a safe hand of my beloved man upon my death (+tax-free)? Was it my love letter when I signed the document with his name on it?

Ney, I think that is just a minor part of it. It was mainly because of this famous "space clearing" effect.
I have always wanted to clear up my bank accounts and I could finally do it.
It took me 2 long years to actually clean up an account and now I feel one mission accomplished.

Invisible as it is, clutters seem to be able to eating someone up sometime.





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