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天天考查圣经 3月28日星期四



Christ . . . [left] you a model for you to follow his steps closely.—1 Pet. 2:21. 留下leave behind榜样bang3yang4 example叫call紧紧closely 随follow脚踪jiao3zong1 footsteps彼前 (彼得前书bi3de2qian2shu1) 1 Pet.


Jesus kept his life simple so that he could freely minister to others. (Luke 9:58) 简朴jian3pu3 simple


He was modest and always based his teaching on the Scriptures. (John 5:19; 17:14, 17) 谦逊qian1xun4 modest施教shi1jiao4 teach根据gen1ju4 basis


He was approachable and kind. Love was the motivation for everything he did. (Matt. 19:13-15; John 15:12) 爱心love太 (马太福音)


和蔼可亲 kind (和蔼he2ai3 kind可亲nice/amiable)


Jesus’ example had a positive influence on his apostles. For instance, James did not cower in the face of death but until he was executed, loyally served God. (Acts 12:1, 2) 榜样bang3yang4 example使徒shi3tu2 apostle雅各ya3ge4 James忠贞zhong1zhen1 loyal and steadfast事奉shi4feng4 serve处死chu3si3 execute

深远的影响 far-reaching influence 深远 profound and lasting

从容就义 meet death with great composure 从容 calm 就义die a martyr


John faithfully followed in Jesus’ footsteps for more than 60 years. (Rev. 1:1, 2, 9) 跟随follow脚踪jiao3zong1 footsteps

忠心耿耿loyal and devoted 忠心zhong1xin1 loyal耿耿geng3geng3 devoted


Elders who are self-sacrificing, humble, and loving provide the kind of example that younger men need.—1 Pet. 5:2, 3. w11 11/15 5:7, 8 谦卑qian1bei1 humble仁爱ren2ai4 kind-hearted弟兄di4xiong brothers榜样bang3yang4 example

牺牲精神 self-sacrificing 牺牲xi1sheng1 sacrifice/sacrificing 精神spirit


Memorial Bible reading: (Daytime events: Nisan 15) Matthew 27:62-66日间ri4jian1 daytime



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