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A chinese famine moderator

I did not wanted to write a new notebook entry before I went to my small vacation in northern Bavaria and came back but the situation is too critical I cannot go into my holiday without writing this.

My parents have a special TV receiver and they even get signals from foreign TV. We saw a cooking show from Phoenix TV in China. It was a funny show but one big thing shocked us or better to say a very slim thing shocked us.

The moderator, my chinese friends told me today her name which is Lu Yu, is a living skeleton. What has a person who never eats to do in a cooking show? More dangerous some of my chinese friends told me that chinese men like this kind of deadly skinny on women. One friend even told me that her mother pays her 40 Euro for every kilo she is losing. And she told me some chinese women also want to be like Lu Yu. Is this serious?

As I was a teenager I also dreamed of being very slim and lose more kilo than I need but luckily today I like to eat but I walk much also. This is healthy to me. My friend also told me that her classmates are around 1.70 meters tall but just weight 40 kilo!

In Germany we say height - 100. Take me for example. I'm 1.83 meters - 100 = 83 kilo. Okay, my real weight is just 70-72 kilo but it is still okay. But I'm a male who can take it and Lu Yu is a woman and weights way too less to survive.

I just can hope now that most of the chinese do not follow Lu Yu's way especially the females there. I even say that if she carry on like that she will soon see the graveyard from the inside.

Having her in a cooking show was the most stupid idea of all. I even saw her tasting two small meat cubes from the frying pan. My father said she will surely spit them out behind the curtain after the show. How can China accept such a person to be a famous moderator? What if many teenage girls also want to be like her and start to die because of personal famine in a country where you can find enough to eat only because they want to be like her?

So please my female friends from China and everyone else too I'm begging you to not follow Lu Yu. To starve as a sign for fighting poverty like Jesus did or what the muslims do during Ramadan that is okay because it is a controlled starving. But what Lu Yu is doing is totally sick and mindless. Maybe she should visit a german concentration camp and see the pictures of the starved dead bodies. Could this might heal her sick soul?




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