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Use your heart to love your pet

Yesterday,I went to catbar to play with cats.I didn't like cats before.But when I play with them,I found they give me different feeling.They are cute and naughty.So my bad moods went away.I am in good moods now.
Animals are our friends ,they can teach us many things.There are some words I really like.A dog said these to its master.I wish these can help you love your pets.
1.Although regretful,I only can spend ten years playing with you.
2.In order to enhance mutual understanding ,let's give each other enough time.
3.Could you chat with me ,OK?
4.No quarrel,no fights,because I won't bite you.
5.Actually,I always had a reason when I don't listen ,please think for a while before blaming me.
6.Please trust me,because I'll always be your partner.
7.You have school and many friends ,but I only have you in my life .
8.Even I am aged,please don't abandon me.
9.I would never forget the days with you in my life.
10.When I passed away,please seeing me gone,because only have you by my side,I can happily travel heaven.So,no matter what happens,remember that I will always love you.




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