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In the past few years, numerous star-making programs have been launched on many TV channels, ranging from Central TV to locals, which have already attracted great attention. However, on the other hand, a heated discussion has been aroused among public.
Some people hold the opinion that these programs enrich their after-work life, offering them a fresh killing-time topic. Besides, for those candidates who have their dreams burning in their hearts, the streamlined process of star-making provides them with a large and professional stage to express themselves truely and freely. Thus, those normal people can have opportunities to realize their dreams, as well as improve their life conditions.
Others, such as some critics, point out that, however, a few of these dream chasers have spared no efforts to gain fame and good fortune, which may lead to a superficial atmosphere in public. In addition, audients have already been fed up with these far too many similar programs.
From my point of view, the society is in need of getting a break of these likely star-making TV shows. The media, as a tongue of entertainment, has the responsibilities to offer people a variety of choices. What’s more, TV show should convey a much more positive message to public on the topic of achieving success. In the light of the fact, I strongly believe that only the change can help those star-making programs survive in the fierce competition of TV shows.




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