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Kemo No Ai ("Eternal Love" Kaiyumian entry)


Aa~ Ai~ Tsuyoi natan desu. Ai uğa çotto tsuyoku to mori'na desu, nee?

Are dewa, Ëh uğa ai ni dat'ta deşita. Namae'on uğa Mad'ison desu. Mad'ison uğa çotto mori'na, horoşa'na, sumii, mendarei, to maimono şita'danat'a desu yo! Ëh uğa totemo wakai de' dou demo nai'te dewa, o uğo kemo'na-ai ni şi'te'o tano'danat.

Nani uğo hanaşi'onat'ı nee? "Hai" de' yo~!! Ëh uğa çotto makarai desu yo~!

Kaiyumi'jin'es uğa toi'deki'e 14-16'de kemo'na-ai'ta. Kaiyumi no kemo'na-au'ras uğa kemo no toki de desu. Kemo no Ai'dar uğo era'ndanat.

Ai de sa no omo'ras uğa nani desu ka? Teke, Mad'ison to Ëh no kemo'na-au nee?

Ah~! Love~ What a powerful bond, huh? Isn't love so powerful and beautiful?

Recently, I have fallen in love. Her name is Madison. She's beautiful, kind, sweet, perfect, and everything I've ever wanted. Even though I'm young which doesn't matter to me, I actually asked her to marry me.

Do you want to know what she said? She said "yes"~!

Just to let you all know, Kaiyumae are normally married or have declared a spouse or future spouse by 14-16. Also, Kaiyumian marriages are for life. I've chosen the woman who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

What are your thoughts on love? What do you think about Madison's and I's marriage?




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