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thanks to mistakes....

don't be afraid to make mistakes in learning english. Take it as something positive which can help you to learn better. According to my experiences in learning english, mistakes show you how far you have had learn or can show you in which level your english is. And then, after you have realized your your mistakes and fixed it, you will always remember that and will not make the same mistakes in future. in other word, your english has been improved automaticly.
here're my expereiences in learning english :
a few years ago, i met a foreigner and confidently i decided to travel with her although i realized my english was not good enough. in that time i wasn't good in grammar and pronunciation. Even sometime i used broken english :D
my first mistake : one time he was sick and i asked her like this : are you buying medicine? (what i meant is : have you bought medicine?). the good thing, she gave me correction right away. after that, i realized how important the grammar is in english.
second mistake : when i was in aeroplan, the steward asked :'what would you like for drink?" and i asked him back:"do have a coke(i was pronouncing as cock)?" and my friend corrected my pronunciation. she said if i pronounced it like "cock" it had different meaning. so she taught me how to pronounced coke with right. after that i realized that pronunciation is important also in learning english.
so, my english has been improved everytime i made mistakes.

Let's make mistakes guys :)




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