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My Definition Essay~! Thank you for correcting for mistakes!

   Bosom friend is like a beautiful rainbow throughout your life. A Bosom friend, rather than an ordinary friend, it seems more like a family member. The Bosom friend is the person comforting you when you are upset, the person supporting you to go through the hard time, as well as the person sharing similar interests, aims and values with you. Life becomes easier and more brilliant with a bosom friend’s company.
   First and foremost, bosom friend is the person who can understand you as it did in the case of me. As I grow up, I have learned to hide my real emotion and have created a mask for myself. Sometimes although I am in bad mood, I still need to pretend that everything is pretty good in order to not affect the people around me dropped into the bad mood, too. I seemingly smile and laugh but frown and cry in my mind. Ordinary friends seldomly notice my subtle change of mood, but my bosom friend--Arabella does. She can understand me even when I just glance at her without any word. Once, some of my close friends misunderstood me by chance, I tried my best to explain the truth to them. But none of them understood and trusted me, except Arabella. She adamantly believed that I didn’t do anything mean, as well as support me. Due to this, some of the close friends transferred their misunderstandings from me to Arabella, which led she lose many friends temporarily. Although this contradiction was resolved finally and I regained a group of close friends, I realized that the close friend is not the bosom friend. No matter how intimate friendship you and your close friend have, if the close friend doesn’t understand you, he or she may never become your bosom friend.




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       Furthermore, Bosom friend is willing and pleased to do you a favor. When I feel a little down about my life. My bosom friend will at once show up to comfort me, maybe her company can’t really help me go through the hard time, but I will mentally feel much better. Here is a example. My parents and I had very good relationship and I was dependent on their attention very much. Therefore, at the beginning of living in school, I was extremely unaccustomed. In the totally strange environment, a sense of complete helplessness had descended upon me. My bosom friend Arabella, who had experienced living in school accompanied me to go through the rough time. She unceasingly made effort to encourage me to be strong and tough. I was deeply moved because when I were happy, many people might be with me to share my happiness while when I were upset, there were usually few. The people left was named bosom friends, who is not my family member but they treat me well like a family member does.
    It is really a good luck and happiness to have a bosom friend. In the long way of your life, the bosom friend provides a tender embrace for you, all difficulties and hard time seem passable. Bosom friend is the beautiful person as important as the family, who brings you a beautiful period of time.


       Apart from understanding you, bosom friend can also well get along with you, and it is the person you can have a heart-to-heart talk with. My bosom friend--Catherine and I have the similar life aims and values. We often have profound conversation and happily share ideas to each other. Once our head teacher established a new regulation dividing our cohesive class into several study groups. Firstly, Catherine and I fully supported this regulation, which can help us jointly develop our study. Whereas, three day’s later, another new regulation, that everyone of a group were forced to sit together, came out. Catherine and I immediately disagreed with it while many classmates strongly supported, simply because that they could sit with their close friends and have fun. But actually, always sitting with close friends not only brought a lot’s fun, but decreased our concentration on study as well. Such is human nature and trait of teenagers , that sometimes you can’t help sharing some anecdotes or jokes with your close friends even when having class. This might not only influence your own studies but also other students’. So as far as Catherine and I concerned, the regulation that a group of people should sit together, which may bring negative effect for us, was inadvisable. After our brief discussion, we had a debate with head teacher, trying to persuade that it was not proper to carry out the new regulation. Catherine and I clearly knew that the seeming separation was the best for our studies but also our friendship, as an old Chinese saying goes Its allurement was its remoteness. From my personal experience, I believe that the similar values is essential for you and your bosom friend, because it is the connection and bond for communicating.

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