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This is a small note about my hobby. This is - cinematography. At first time, i want to be a web-designer, make some nice pictures and illustratrations, but this is a hard work, because you are sitting all day in your house and make the graphichs. That's not, what i really want, thought i'm. So next step for me was a 3D-modelling. That's really interesting job, and salary for this bigger. I thing it for these days, but i would not sitting all day in your room, and make models for games. I wont more creative and active work. Then, i found one answer for this question. This is cinematography. It's good for me, becouse 7/10 part of my future work are out of my house, at street, and 3/10 in my house, in my room. I take my camera, microphone, tripod and go where i want, take some beautiful shots, then i come back home and open on my personal computer something like Adobe Premiere Pro and make montage. Then, i'm open After Effects and make some color corrections and somethig cool and save what i made. I'm going to Vimeo and post there my video :)

That's my first message on english. So, will be cool, if you say me how to speak it oll in "native" eanglish. I read messages by american on russian language, and if they make not any mistakes, they wrote it wrong becouse nobody speak like this..




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