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A Strange Situation

Today I want to talk about a strange situation I encountered with. It's anomalous low people activity. It seems like people registered here don't want to speak, I mean conversations by voice. Is it fear of speaking in foreign language? Or something other? Really, I don't know. I've tried to speak with one of my language partners daily. But after 3-5 talks he ceased to appear in Skype. What happened? It is not known... I've tried to find somebody else, we've added each other in contact list and... nothing. So, now I'm frustrated. Is it something wrong with me? Or with other people? And, the main question, what do I must to do next?




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    Do your Russian friends keep in touch with you?))) Mine appear in Skype, but don't know what to talk about))) Some need pushing))) They Are used to being asked questions))) Their answers are short;-) most of the time))) People rarely listen, they want to be listened))) When we meet in person they are interesting people))) Each has a family and his/ her own life, so I take it as it is. As for new friends( I mean people who I have never met in reality), it is hard work to be friends, not many are interested or able to become a close friend))) I have just one friend here:-)




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