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Korean 한국어 ^^

1.- 이 음식은 맛있대요. They say this food is delicious.
2.- 밥을 안 좋아하대요. He says he doesn't like rice.
3.- 이 곳은 예쁘다고 해요. She says this place is pretty.
4.- 그 사람은 학교에 안 갈 거라던데요. I heard that that person won't come to school.
5.- 모든 게 없어졌다던데요. They said all the things dissapeared.
6.- 돈이 없다고 들었어요. I heard that he doesn't have money.
7.- 이 노래가 좋다는데요. They are saying that this song is good.
8.- 제 친구도 가고 싶대요. My friend says that she wants to go too.
9.- 엄마가 먼저 먹고 싶다고 해요. My mom says she wants to eat first.
10.- 내일 집에 아무도 없다던데요. I heard that tomorrow there will be no one in the house.
- 내일 집에 아무도 없대요. Is correct like this, too?
11.- 그 사람은 남자친구였다던데요. She says he was her boyfriend.

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다! ^^
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