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More than last 3 weeks I spend being ill on sinus inflammation. It was the longest ill I've ever had! It was tiring, exhausting and I feel that I lost almost month of my life… but actually not completely. I didn't have able to regular work but I had to do something useful but less involving my energy which was need to recover my health. So I've started to watch X-Files (of course it wasn't my only one activity:)) I remember that when I was child I was fascinated of this TV show, even though I was frightened of it. Usually my parents don't allowed me to watch it, but often I found out some way to avoid lack of permit… It' was stronger than fear (crazy logic of childhood). Anyway, it's nice to remind movie or TV show from the past but this time with some education purposes, instead only pleasant (or frighten). During watching each episode I try find out unknown or interesting sentences and expressions to practice my English, for instance "Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law!"… But I hope that I will never hear these phrase:)




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