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Yes...practicing speaking - even when I am clearly pronouncing things incorrectly - is much more fun than reading and studying quietly from a book. The book stuff is important, and helps keep things fresh in my mind, but speaking - even if it's simple phrases or a list of vocabulary, makes me feel like I'm actually training my mouth and brain for Hindi.

I know it's been a good lesson when my brain feels like it's melting AND my mouth is tired. When it's just my brain feeling the burn, I just feel tired, not necessarily accomplished.

Learning Hindi, even with my limited knowledge right now, makes me appreciate one thing in particular...

....How annoying English must be to learn as a second language. Seriously, could we make it more difficult for people? "i" before "e" except after "c". What? What kind of rule is that? Annoying, that's what kind.

I have serious respect for anyone who learns English as a second language. I tip my hat to you, and I would buy you a drink if I could.

At least with Hindi, the rules are pretty consistent. The word order is different, and there are gendered nouns, but once you learn the pattern, it doesn't change much. That being said, I'll confess that even as I look at a Hindi grammar book and say to myself, "Oh, wow, this is kind of easy..." I immediately bomb a textbook assignment. Why? My only guess is that my brain is so used to the illogical rules of English that it's actually fighting me.

Oh, but I will bend it to my will.




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