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能評改一下我的翻譯嗎? 我用意譯的。謝謝你哦~The cost of driving 駕車的成本

The cost of driving 駕車的成本

Apr 4th 2013, 15:03 by

Where is the most expensive place to own a car? 哪個城市的用車支出最高?

REAL incomes have stagnated in many rich countries and family budgets are feeling the pinch. In Britain fuel costs 50% more than it did in 2007. But petrol prices are just one of the costs of running a car; owners also have to fork out for insurance, road tax and servicing. Using data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, our sister company, the chart below shows the total cost of buying a family car (an average of low- and high-end brands) in selected cities in 2010, then running it for three years. London car-owners may be surprised to see that they are no worse off than motorists in many other rich countries. Generally, where running costs are high, this is offset by cheaper car prices, and vice versa. Since 2005-07, in cities where the total cost of running a car has actually fallen, (notably in Amsterdam, Moscow and Shanghai) this is largely thanks to lower car prices. It is possible that some of the higher purchase price in emerging-market cities like Shanghai can be attributed to import costs for higher-end brands such as Mercedes and Audi, which were used to allow international comparison.

很多富裕國家的國民實質收入都停滯不前, 家庭開支方面壓力漸增。英國的燃油價格比2007年的時候增加了百分之五十, 但油價只是其一, 車主還要掏錢付保險、道路稅及維修保養。從經濟學人資訊部(我們的姊姊公司)的圖表顯示該14個城市於2010年購買一輛家庭車的總成本(取高低檔次品牌之平均數)及其後三年的使用成本。倫敦的車主大概會意外原來許多富裕國家的車主並不比他們更好過。一般來說, 即使一地汽車售價較低, 將來亦會被較高的使用成本抵銷掉, 反之亦然。 因汽車售價下降, 自2005年7月開始, 一些城市的汽車總運作成本有所下降(尤以阿姆斯特丹, 莫斯科及上海為甚)。 一些新興市場如上海, 在國際間的汽車購買支出較高,可歸因於高檔次品牌(像賓士與奧迪)的進口比例較高的緣故。



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