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To celebrate my one month with my new place

Probably somebody know that I had graduated and then moved to graduate school, working in a lab and studying endocrine system; because my major is bio-medical science. I think I let some of my italki friends know. Now I want to write a note to celebrate myself because I have been working in new place for a month.

There was no problem to follow lectures because I had heard all of it once during my ScB. However problem occurred from lab. At first time I moved, I thought I could not survive this new place. Everything was unfriendly. I was so nervous even though I just sat on chair. Among of those unfamiliar surroundings, person-person interaction was the worst thing I felt. All of my senior-coworkers were so friendly but even talking to them were sorts of stress for me. I had learnt about some of experimental skills from ScB, but all things that I had done in new lab made a problems. Being accustomed new equipment was also a burden on my shoulder.

Even though there were so many stressful events, I am working in the lab and being a part of it also. Now I can tell some of jokes and doing a project-that is my own- and helping someone's project also. I am still learning many things and will learn more, further and deeper. I don't know how much I will study in future. But I want to do my best.

If there someone who read this story celebrating myself, thank you for the reading:-)




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