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In the contemporary society,the majority of people start to accept the fact that online shopping has become fashionable. Almost every young people can use the computer and buy everything over the interent. As far as i'm concerned,the online shopping is like a double-edged sword which can do both good and harm.
Along with the rapid development of the science technology,the number of the computer is on the rise.We can buy a huge number of commodities, such as digital products,daily supplies and various food. The prices attract my people to choose them.Most important,the Express delivery indeed save us too much vaulable time.
On the contrary,there is no denying the fact that so many merits can't cover disadvantages,the number of interent frauds is still increasing.This means that we should run a risk of shopping online.Last but no least,we can't ensure the quality of commondities.
So many people,so many minds.Personally, the interent plays an extremely role in our modern life.We should suffer on the web carefully to keep away from the interent frauds and enjoy the magical experience




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