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David Livingstone was an explorer in Africa.!!!!

In distant Africa, the Zambezi River is a miracle of nature - a grand Victoria Falls. It was opened in 1855 by the famous English traveler David Livingstone and named in honor of the Queen.

David Livingstone made ​​several trips to South and Central Afrike.David Livingston was born March 19, 1813 in the family of a street vendor tea. After graduating from the village school, with ten years of working at a textile fabrike.David Livingston (1813-1873) was a British missionary and explorer. In 1840, he received his medical degree and became a member of the London Missionary Society. He was sent to Africa (in Kourou May) to establish the mission and spread the Christian faith, but the immense love for the black continent prompted him to, that, leaving the rather narrow religious problem, it has become indomitable issledovatelya.31 May 1854. researcher arrived in the city of Sao Paulo de Luanda (Angola), located on the Atlantic coast. He then moved back to the river, now in the east, and in May 1856, coming to Quelimane, reached the Indian Ocean. Most of this transition Livingston did walk, opening the way for the amazing Victoria Falls.
in 1853-1856 Livingstone's first Europeans crossed Africa. As a missionary, he was going to discover the heart of Africa to Christian missionaries. Livingston went from South Africa to the north through the Bechuanaland (now Botswana), and went to the Zambezi River.
Victoria Falls was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list along with four other monuments of nature and architecture of Zimbabwe.




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