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A funny story in office

This afternoon, a funny things in our office.
First , please allow me to introduce our section. this team have three people. two cute girls(include me) and one handsome man but this is my section boss. genarally speaking, we works sent email on Notes.
I and anther girl received email from other team member,we have opened it ,this email was wrote is "your boss so goofy".at this time, my boss behind our and asked "what's wrong and what's mean this ", I and my colleague pretend and answer:"we donot know what's mean".




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    A funny story in the office

    This afternoon, a funny thing happend in our office.
    Firstly , please allow me to introduce our section. Our team has three people: two cute girls(include ing me) and one handsome man but he is my section's boss. Generally speaking, we works sending notes via email .

    I and another girl received an email from other team member and when we opened it ,it read: "your boss is so goofy".At this time, my boss was  behind us and asked "What's wrong" and "what does this mean", My colleague and I just answered:"We donot know what it means".

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