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Govoriti Hrvatski

Bok! Moje ime je Josh (Đoš). Živjeti u Australiji. Moj djed i moja baka su Hrvatski čovjeke. Želim razumijeti njih.

Saznatim Hrvatski. Ne govorim dobru Hrvatski. Molim ti govoriti Hrvatski s meni na Skypu. Ja ću obučitim Engliski u tebe. Moje Skype je 'jmat.anon' (ako ti korigiratiš me, ne nuždaš govoriti "da" - I won't expect you to accept if you correct this entry!)

Ne znam mogu isto govoriti. Puno Hvala.




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    Govoriti* hrvatski**

    Bok! Moje ime je Josh (Đoš) [a perfectly fine sentence, but the more common expression is "zovem se ..."]. Živjeti Živim [1st ps. sg. present tense; živjeti is the infinitive form] u Australiji. Moj djed i moja baka [again - perfectly fine, but you might rather say "moji djed i baka"] su Hrvatski čovjeke Hrvati. Želim ih razum(i)jeti njih [njih is the accentuated form of personal pronouns oni, one, ona (m., f. and n. 3rd ps. pl.) of both genitive and accusative case (in this sentence accusative) and you use it only when you accentuate that particular word; otherwise you use the unaccentuated form].

    Saznatim [what did you mean by this?] hrvatski. Ne govorim dobro hrvatski. Molim te govoriti razgovaraj na hrvatskom s meni sa mnom na Skypeu [preko Skypea might be better]. Ja ću tebe obučitim naučiti engleski u tebe. Moj(e) Skype je 'jmat.anon' (ako ti korigiratiš me korigiraš [infinitive: korigirati; the verb ispraviti is more common], ne nuždaš moraš govoriti reći [govoriti means to speak; reći means to say] "da" - I won't expect you to accept if you correct this entry!)

    Ne znam mogu isto govoriti [not sure what you meant by this sentence, so I can't correct it; if you write it in English, I'll give you a translation]. Puno hvala.


    * I suppose you meant "speaking Croatian"? Not a good translation though, it's very tricky translating that kind of expressions into Croatian.

    ** All adjectives ending in -čki, -ćki, -ski and -ški are written in minuscule, regardless of their etymology.


    Very nice! :)

    I'd like to help you with speaking Croatian, though I'm not sure how that would work considering the time difference. But you can leave me a message and I'll give you my Skype. :)

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