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Bavaria travel experiences 2: Waischenfeld Basilica

The Basilica in the city of Waischenfeld we saw on our first full day in the Ahorn Valley was really one of the greatest buildings I ever saw. My mother thought Basilicas are orthodox buildings but she was wrong. We saw that the Basilica is like the most religious buildings in Bavaria a catholic building by the order of the Franziskaner.

Although the catholic church is not my kind of christian religion due to the fact I believe into the teachings of Martin Luther I really was impressed by this building. All the paintings on the roof and all the wonderful statues. Plus we met a good time it was still in the forenoon and so it was very silent in the Basilica. Not many tourists were there and there were still women cleaning the ground so I was able to shoot awesome pictures with no humans in sight.

What I really like is that the order of the Franziskaner seems to know the real name of our all God. On the roof you can see a hebrew writing which is nothing more then his real name Jahwe. The name he told to Moses on the mountain of Sinai. The name even the jews are afraid to say loud while I'm not.

Unfortunately as you can see it was not allowed to get very close to the altar. Due to my fear I would never step onto an altar anyway it is in my belief only allowed for the high priests. But the borderline was okay to me due to the fact I was so impressed by all the figures and paintings. This Basilica really kept me silent. It is just too big. Much bigger than what you can imagine from the picture. You have to be there to understand what I'm talking about.

Although I would never join the catholic church I really had to bow inside myself in front of this architectural masterpiece. It is not the buildings size that matters but the beauty. The white walls, the golden statues and the colourful paintings. Luckily world war 2 was never going on in that area thats why all these old buildings do not even have a few scratches.

Well what can I still say just take a look at the picture, be impressed and use the link for more pictures of the Basilica and all the other pictures I made during the travel.




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