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Bavaria travel experiences 4: Eastern Springs

As we travelled through the Ahorn Valley we saw a lot of Osterbrunnen (Eastern Springs).

In this area of northern Bavaria, it is tradition to decorate all springs in the villages and towns during eastern. Thousands of tourists come to see these wonderful springs every year, during the festival of Jesus death and resurrection.

The springs are very well decorated with some green plants and hundreds of handpainted eggs. Some springs, like the one on the picture I uploaded here, even placed some handmade bunnies, due to the fact that the eastern festival is about the rabbit. The legend sais that the rabbits go around during eastern and hide all the coloured eggs so the humans have to search them. But do not ask me what this has to do with the resurrection of Jesus. I think over hundreds of years local traditions and christian religion mixed together in a strange but beautiful festival.

In the Ahorn Valley are even guided tours to everyone of these springs. There are up to 200 springs and so far, every small village got it's own spring. Some we just saw while we drove through them while the springs in the big cities like Waischenfeld, were sorrounded by many tourists. Of course it was impossible for us to see every single spring but this is no problem, due to the fact they are always decorated in the same style. Just some like this one even had some handmade bunnies. The one I uploaded here has been photographed in a very small town, where normally no tourists go along.

As always, just take a look at the picture and if you want to see more plus all the other pictures of my travel then follow the link at the bottom of this notebook entry.




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