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a couple's conversation in arabic

what do they talking about,
could you please write things that they talk in arabic for us with arabic script and translation.




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    1- We missed you, Radhia.

       You chose goals to us to reach.

       I feel that we live just to survive.

       You left us before our soil flower grow.


    2- What prevent us to dreaming?


    1-   Darling, we must dream about  something could be true.


    2- In dreams, everything possible. Man should try.

        Then, my salary and yours aren't fear enough and the spending increase gradually.


    1- I think, Azhar want to find another job.


    2- That will prevent us from seeing you.


    1- Darling, Is it reasonable that I back to learning again?


    Sorry I don't recognize the last two sentences.


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