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Soho it is famous for that is directly in the center of London in its most cosmopolitan area. In Soho there are completely foot streets with the Chinese supermarkets.
Harry is very proud of the fact that he was in London. True, he is obsessed with the Beatles, so it is not at all disappointed that he has not visited in Soho, and quickly waved to Liverpool. He could not stand the irritating noise of London streets, obnoxious flashing lights to advertising agencies.
Harry could not be named neither haughty, nor impatient in relation to other people, but it was annoyed very much with an aggressive manner of the London punks in relation to foreigners. These young men liked to sit on the steps the under statue Eros. Them eccentric manners sharply differed from manners of innocent young men in its country.




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    Soho is positioned directly in the centre of London - the city's most cosmopolitan area. It's an entirely pedestrian area, lined with Chinese supermarkets among other shops.
    Harry is very proud of the fact that he visited London. True, he's obsessed with The Beatles, so Liverpool was the most appealing British city for him. He couldn't stand the irritating noise of the busy London streets, and obnoxious flashing lights from adverts all around. Harry is neither haughty, nor impatient, but he became very irritated with the somewhat aggressive manner of Londoners in relation to foreigners. These young men liked to sit at the foot of the statue of Eros, (I don't fully understand your last line, so forgive me if this wasn't the exact meaning) their eccentric 'hipster' styles differing from those of the innocent tourists here.


    You think so? I love London! I apologise on the Brits' behalf if you didn't like the city, we love having visitors here. Hopefully you'll enjoy your next stay (should you visit London again) more. I hope you got to see Liverpool, too. :)


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